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In today’s world "Services" present different conversion challenges than products.

Building “Trust” is the prime objective while selling services. A defective product can be returned / repaired, and defects are relatively objective. But when it comes to services, customers worry about what recourse they will have if they’re not satisfied, even when offered excellent customer service assurances.

Adonai Services was incepted as a multi-service provider for the Indian market. Ever since its incorporation, the statistical graph has shown a significant growth in customer base and we are focused on becoming the most preferred service provider across multiple needs for our clients.

We provide multiple services in various domains for your convenience and our expertise and network ensure that you are left 100% satisfied at all times.

We are a one stop destination for your travel, leisure, entertainment, financial and consulting needs so that you do not need to deal with the hassles of managing multiple service providers, thereby ensuring peace of mind and savings in terms of money, time and efforts. We strive to deliver a world class experience with uncompromising value while going easy on your pockets.

Our primary concern is to ensure that the benefits we profess are passed on to our customers when we sell them our services. Our highly qualified team with their rich experience in the service sector for close to three decades work tirelessly to provide the best to our customers without cutting corners on quality.

Our brand equity is trust, transparency and reliability. We provide personalized, tailor-made solutions to our customers by working closely with each one of them. Your thoughts and desires are heard and made true through our services.

We also work with a pool of associate service providers and professional teams who help provide tailored services to suit the preferences of our valuable clients.

We strongly believe that customers are the prime reason for our existence and hence work with a customer centric approach in order to gain complete customer satisfaction which is certainly how we measure success here at Adonai Services!


Our customer service is unparalleled, simply because our trained team is passionate about the services we offer as we understand the importance of satisfied clients, and their lifetime value. Continuous improvement of our technology, training of our passionate associates and offering the best deals on all our services is our formula for success. We understand that customer service is complete when it is perfected before, during and after the completion of the business, and we continuously strive to offer the highest level of assistance at all times.


Act with integrity
We do what is right, not what is easiest. We are honest and ethical in all that we do, at all times and in every situation.

Earn Trust
We honour our commitments. To customers, to employees, to partners and to society. We say what we mean and we mean what we say.

Respect for All
We treat others as we expect to be treated; with respect, dignity and honour. Especially when things go wrong.

Lead with Courage
We challenge convention and pursue our convictions. Irrespective of the outcome, we always own our decisions and choices.

Customer First
Customers are at the heart of all our choices. We understand that we exist because of our customers and the privilege to serve them has to be earned every day.

We are eager to serve you. Get in touch with us, mail : or Call / Whatsapp +918428117788.

About Adonai Services

As a service provider we work with people’s families, personal plans, desires, and finances. Our brand equity is trust, transparency and reliability. Therefore, we strive to demonstrate that our services provide value for money while availing the expected benefits! Click for more information

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