Consulting Values

At Adonai we are committed to creating values, in areas seldom expected. To live up to this promise, we are unique and different on our mission. This DNA makes us to uniquely combine three cores of our business to deliver outstanding results for each client…

Our Human Expertise is designed to assimilate, absorb, inspire and blend with the clients need and priorities. We are Marketing advisors, industry consultants, digital specialists, engagement experts, connected web solutions designers…and more.

With years of experience in Marketing / Research across service industries, our strategic Design capabilities unlock best efficiency gains and help realise value for money. Our expertise in rigorous methodologies and real time frameworks help us identify opportunities quickly. Our design thinking moves the needle for you in customer experience, engagement strategies, digital enablement and execution.

We leverage Technologies to realize design. Steer business outcomes that consistently outperform the competition. Optimize with automation and digitalization. We invest in emerging technologies, like data-driven analysis and augmented intelligence, and partner with clients to transform their business.

We are different by design. Because we are here to help you derive quick efficiencies from complex processes. Because we think ahead about all the pieces of the puzzle that disrupt your market and help you transform, lead and do business better.


Our approach to consulting is to deliver lasting results for our clients and build lasting relationships with them.

With a collective consulting expertise and experience, we have gained deep understanding as to how to design strategies that deliver results having undertaken various advisory projects, advising Senior Management and supporting entities seeking administrative competence.

Corporate Governance

As standards of corporate behavior come under increasing scrutiny, senior managers need to take into account the rules, regulations and best practice concerning corporate governance. We provide practical advice in this important area.

Risk Management

Expert advise on risk management, review of not only financial risks but other areas including operations, resources and reputation that can have a dramatic impact on the continuing success of an entity.

Internal Audit

Internal audit plays a valuable role in providing assurance that the key controls are in place and operating effectively so that financial and other corporate risks are managed. Advice on, and assistance with the operation of an internal audit service is provided. Internal audit can also be outsourced to us.

Business valuations

These may be required for a variety of reasons. The firm has experts with strong track records in establishing and valuing companies and other business structure. Where required, our reports are used as support in litigation or negotiations with tax authorities.

Fraud prevention and detection

Fraud is now a fact of business and its cost to business is enormous. Advice is available on prevention and detection of fraud, whether carried out using traditional methods or via the internet.

Other professional advice

The Firm maintains close contacts with business leaders, bankers, lawyers and other professionals in the business community and can make introductions where required.

We are eager to serve you. Get in touch with us, mail : or Call / Whatsapp +918428117788.

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As a service provider we work with people’s families, personal plans, desires, and finances. Our brand equity is trust, transparency and reliability. Therefore, we strive to demonstrate that our services provide value for money while availing the expected benefits! Click for more information

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