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Adonai’s mission is to be recognized as the most trusted financial services provider through consistent dedication to excellence in execution and ensure quality as well to proactively support the pressing needs of our clients. Our value proposition lies in our ability to understand in detail, the needs of our clients, evolve operating strategies and execute them within the shortest turn around time.

We are passionate about helping ambitious entrepreneurs to succeed. Building long lasting relationships with entrepreneurs runs deep in our tradition. Adonai assists in arranging for funding through Retail Assets for on an Individual / SMEs / Corporate.

We provide a 360° focus on the financial services offered and help you gain the most out of our service with no hassle.

Personal Loans
Personal Loans are mostly availed at an hour of need which may arise during unexpected times. We understand the value of time and help you attain loans with minimal documentation and speedy approval.

Housing Loans
Housing Loans help one raise the sufficient funds required to build/ purchase their dream home. With our tailor made loan options, you don’t have to worry anymore on paying monthly rental bills. We help you realize the joy of living in a home that you can call your own.

Corporate Loans
Corporate Loans are today availed not only by small scale firms but also by big assets or even for the expansion of the business. Adonai offers you business loans to meet your corporate financial needs at attractive interest rates.

Vehicle Loans
Vehicle Loans help you purchase your dream vehicle be it for your personal use or for your business. With our EMIs and attractive interest rates, you don’t have to hesitate anymore or think twice before becoming a proud owner of your dream vehicle. Our experts will help you be at ease throughout the whole process.

Mortgage Loans
Mortgage Loans – Whenever you bump into a sudden need for funds to you’re your loved ones educational expenses, medical expenses, marriage expenses or even business expansions you can mortgage your property availing a Mortgage Loan. A mortgage loan allows you to retain your property while availing of a loan at a reasonable rate of interest

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As a service provider we work with people’s families, personal plans, desires, and finances. Our brand equity is trust, transparency and reliability. Therefore, we strive to demonstrate that our services provide value for money while availing the expected benefits! Click for more information

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