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Here at Adonai we understand how arduous it can be to move to another country. Having handled various clients immigrating for career opportunities, studying abroad or even just moving with their spouse after marriage, we are well aware of the kind of uncertainties and questions that may cloud one’s mind regarding the whole process. We help you be at ease as our experts will guide you through the whole process by keeping you informed of all the procedures and the system that is in place with respect to the countries. Currently we help our clients immigrate to Australia and Canada.


Australia posses a wide opportunity for immigrants with skilled migration visa, business visa, student visa etc. The industries are facing an ongoing skill shortage and are welcoming immigrants to create successful careers. Australia is known for it’s high employment rate, cultural diversity, high wages and is therefore a prospective country to live, work and settle down on a permanent basis.


Canada has definitely been one of the most welcoming countries to its immigrants. There is a good number of students immigrating for higher education every year owing to the excellent academic and employment potential in the country.

Students are also able to find suitable jobs after they are finished with their higher education. It is also considered to be an ideal country to posses a permanent resident visa owing to their comfortable immigration policies and good cultural ethnicity which add to the conduciveness for raising a family

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