NRI Support Services

Adonai has the best people at it’s disposal which is of course crucial to success in NRI Support Services; We take immense care in executing our NRI client’s requests and each of them is treated with utmost confidentiality. The assignments are carried out swiftly and every phase of activity is communicated to the client and supported by pictures and videos.

How we work with you

You tell us your preferences
Via e mail, WhatsApp, phone call or a one on one meeting with our executives. We discuss the scope of work and deliverables before we propose a solution.

We do the hard work
We work with you to design tailored solutions that meet the goals with respect to your discussion, personal need, and budget.

You get peace of mind
When we partner with you, our sustainable solutions ensure you get what you desired as per the MoU clubbed with total satisfaction.

List of some crucial & sensitive assignments you can bank on us


  •    Buying / selling a car for your parent / family members.
  •    Buying a house / land as an investment under total confidentiality.
  •    Identifying a good tenant through in depth scrutiny and Renting / leasing your property to the right tenant, with proper agreements.
  •    Arranging for NRI bank loan / NRI Housing loan / financial service.
  •    Collecting rent / lease amount and depositing it into your account.
  •    Periodical inspection of your property.
  •    Implementing an investment proposal
  •    Supervise Home/ Office construction with periodical updates. (project management)


  •    Securing an admission under NRI quota in academic institutions of your choice - schools / Colleges / universities for your Children.
  •    We will do the running around, collecting all the requisite documents and send it across to you.
  •    You will have to just fill it up and make the payment direct to the institution as prescribed.
  •    Once you get the admit card, just fly down with your child for admission and fly out the same day.


  •    Even while you are miles away, as a responsible son / daughter you would love to take care of your parents during their illness. - Leave it to us.
  •    Once we get to hear about their illness, we move them to a good corporate hospital for an effective and advanced treatment
  •    We also provide attenders to be at the ICU / bedside during admission.
  •    We will interact with the doctors about the patient’s health issues and the proposed treatment plans.
  •    We keep you updated on the same time to time.
  •    Your anxiety on the parent’s health and well-being will be taken care by us.
  •    If the health condition improves, we move them back to home and keep you posted.
  •    If the health condition deteriorates, we will advise you to start immediately.
  •    Providing moral support during hospitalization for the family
  •    We handle relocation from one city to other


  •    Carrying out maintenance activities / repairs / Painting / for your house / office / commercial buildings.
  •    Periodical cleaning and inspection of your property.
  •    Handling any immediate / urgent maintenance / repair work.
  •    Construction of additional structure / remodeling the existing structure.


  •    We can take care of your complete travel plans across the globe, with respect to your air tickets, hotel reservations, Sight-seeing arrangements, tour packages for your vacation / leisure tour of your family
  •    We arrange visas for 123 countries.
  •    We Interact with banks / statutory offices on the behalf of the client
  •    We can handle family functions - Plan / Organize any event for your family during your visit.
  •    We can provide comfortable homely stay at well maintained Service apartments.
  •    We can organize your local stay / city travel during your visit from overseas
  •    We can arrange for purchase of any movable ( A/C, W/MC, Etc) / fixed assets for the family

Transparency and building trust is the key in NRI Support Service. We firmly believe and practice to bill our earnings only as service charges and not through any other hidden charges.

We uphold high standards of performance and service. Therefore, we welcome your feedback at any stage of our consulting engagement.

We are eager to serve you. Get in touch with us, mail : or Call / Whatsapp +918428117788.

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