The wonderful, lovely and exemplary places to visit in Singapore - Shopping frenzy malls, Michelin star restaurants with delectable culinary delights, awe-inspiring museums, adventurous theme parks, exotic gardens are some of the must visit attractions in Singapore. Perfectly packed with exciting activities all across the country, Singapore knits an unrivaled bond with all the vibrant cultures of the world. The country has become one of the rapidly increasing Asia’s top-rated tourist destinations.

Visiting the top Singapore attractions is a matter of few minutes, courtesy - the widespread and efficient transport systems in the world. Engage in a sumptuous Indian breakfast at Little India, before you head to experience the serene temples in Chinatown. Halt by the mesmerizing and romantic Marina Bay, to catch your breath or to rest your eyes in the stretches of waters with luxury cruises adorning it. When in Singapore, you must not skip out on the myriad delicacies; either at the cost-friendly hawker fare or at the Michelin-star fine dining restaurants.

The country is rife with tiny and adorable cafes, where you can grab a scrumptious meal for a few bucks. Selecting the best places to see in Singapore can get pretty daunting owing to the variety it has to offer. Singapore bursts with thrilling activities, iconic attractions, and ample day trips for your friends and family.


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