Best Places to Visit in Thailand

  • Safari World Zoo – It is located within an area of 170 acres is a drive-in zoological park. It houses a large variety of animals like zebra, deer, giraffe, birds tigers lions, bears, etc. in a natural habitat. The Marine Park hosts events like the famous dolphin show. The park provides a coach service for visitors who do not drive in.
  • The Tiger Kingdom – This is a great combination of tourism with wildlife preservation. The preservation provides the opportunity to get up close and personal with several Indochinese tigers of varying ages and sizes that have been raised by hand in captivity since birth.
  • Phi Phi Island - Bestowed with surreal beauty and lovely stretch of white and golden sands, there are a lot of tourist places in Phi Phi Islands There are various adventure activities for adventure seekers to indulge in and it is just the perfect destination for water babiesThriving with friendly people, amazing massage parlours and boasting of an amazing nightlife, the Phi Phi Islands have something to offer to everybody who wishes to explore it. One of the best destinations for shark watching , snorkeling, rock climbing, scuba diving- there won't ever be any dull moment while you are in Phi Phi.
  • Krabi Island - Right from rock climbing, jungle trekking, snorkelling, scuba diving to island hopping, enjoying the night-life; there are quite a lot of things to do in Krabi. The beaches are great to explore in the day and exquisite.
  • The Grand Palace & Wat Phra Kaew - Adorned with beautiful architecture, intricate details further glorifying the detailed heritage of this stunning country, The Grand Palace is an elegant and spectacular tourist place in Bangkok, which is also home to Thai King and serves as the Royal Court and the administrative seat of government.
  • Visit Wat Arun in Bangkok - The Temple of the Dawn or Wat Arun towers 260 ft above the Chao Phraya River. With fabulous views of the rising and setting sun and of the city's main attractions, the temple is one of Bangkok's major tourist attractions after the Grand Palace.
  • Underwater World Pattaya - It is Thailand’s first modern aquarium where the visitors can behold the brilliance of the undersea life. The Underwater World is a 100-metre long underwater tunnel, showcasing around 500 species of fishes. Visitors can either dive with the sharks & rays with the experienced divers or they can indulge in feeding the Kois with a milk bottle in the Koi pond.
  • Asiatique Sky - This is the tallest Ferris wheel in Thailand that takes you up to a height of 60 meters and has 42 gondolas. Apart from the thrill it serves, the spectacular views of the glitzy Bangkok city and the waterfront it offers make this iconic landmark one of the most important places to visit in Thailand.
  • Dinner Cruise in Chao Phraya River - The Dinner cruise in Chao Phraya River is one of the most memorable and exotic highlights of the Thailand trip. The cruise is a 2-hour long ride. It starts at 7.30pm and ends at 9.30pm. The food that is served here is mouthwatering. Both international cuisine and the famous authentic Thai cuisine are served in the ride. Live shows, dance shows, and the beautiful music will surely make the entire Thailand trip extremely memorable.
  • Dream World Amusement Park – This is a very beautiful place with lots of rides like roller coasters, merry-go-round, hurricane, and many other rides it also has a circus ghost hose and water rides too. It is the best place for children as they can be in their world of fantasy like meeting Cinderella, snow white, Pocahontas in just one day.
  • Railay Beach & Cave - It is situated in the city of Krabi. Railay beach, aka Phra Nang beach, is a beautiful seashore with tranquil white sand and clear seas. The beach is located on just one small peninsula with large limestone cliffs, lagoons, caves, and viewpoints. This spectacular peninsula is just cut off from the main Krabi city because of it being covered with the limestone headlands and deep jungle valleys.

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